Monday, December 12, 2005

Five Pounds in Two Hours

Yesterday, I roasted 6 batches back to back. Whew! A full five pounds, or maybe a little more, by the time I was done. I am roasting Honduran Organic SHG Marcala for holiday gifts for my colleagues at work. For the first time, I tried two full cups in each batch and the roast was very even and consistent. The warmed up rig shaved 2-3 minutes off the total roast time for each consecutive roast. I took it to the first snaps of second. I was pleased to have no problems raosting back to back. Nothing melted! No catastrophes! I need to do it again before Friday, then again this weekend.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Website Reception

I am very pleased at the reception my Turbo Crazy website has received from the community. I will be putting up another shot of a stir arm mod soon. Updates will include a little info on using a variac with the TO.

I think I may also use this blog to post roasting notes. Last Sunday's roast of Malabar Gold has been delicious. I am thinking I will roast some Sumatra or Tanzania PB this weekend. I enjoy these two and have grown quite familiar with their flavors roasted in the i-Roast. I am wondering if i will be able to detect flavor differences roast in the Turbo Crazy.